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How Insensitive (High Definition audio. 24-bit, 48kHz. A richer, clearer sound than a CD.)

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At approximately 74 MB, this file format provides a higher quality sound than a CD. The resolution is 24-bit, 48kHz which gives you a clearer, richer sound and is a more authentic representation of the actual instruments. It will not play on an MP3 player. However, you can play it on your computer, burn your own CD, or use it on a stick or thumb drive for your audio system. Enjoy!



How insensitive
I must have seemed
When he told me that she loved me
How unmoved and cold
I must have seemed
When he told me so sincerely
Why he must have asked
Did I just turn and stare in icy silence
What was I to say
What can you say
When a love affair is over
Now he's gone away
And I'm alone with the memory of his last look
Vague and drawn and sad
I see it still
All his heartbreak in that last look
What was I to do
What can you do
When a love affair
Is over