I was lucky to attend The Masters at Augusta National!

I have incredible respect for these athletes and how incredibly talented they are! Plus...honorable sportsmanship šŸ’–

Flowers were gorgeous. I'm amazed at the beauty everywhere in this world.

Calling all golfers! This place is cool!

With Joe Piscopo in rehearsal at šŸ”„ Sinatra Bar & Lounge šŸ”„ in Nashville.Ā  āœØ Oh what a night!Ā  āœØ ( ps I always rehearse in my 'show shoes')Ā 

Ready for the show!

Co-hosting part of the show with SiriusXM'sĀ  Lou Simon! That was a blast!

Crystal Gale shares being the 4th biggest female country star of all time with her sister Loretta Lynn!Ā  šŸ’– šŸ’–

It was an honor to accompany Crystal Gale recently at Sinatra Bar & Lounge in Nashville. It was a last minute escapade! I had just met her and here we are, 15 mins before the show, going over the songs she was going to do - 'Sentimental Journey' which she just recorded with The Glenn Miller Orchestra (cool!) and her smash hit 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue'. She sounded great and looked beautiful, and the best part was, she's a beautiful person inside...a sweet gem of a woman. ā¤ļø