🎶  #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Pianist/Songwriter/Singer
🎹  Also performs Standards, Solo Pop Piano, Spa 
🎙 Voice of Siriusly Sinatra on SiriusXM

The quick journey to my first visit to the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard charts had just a few (!) stops along the way… singing time-honored standards into Frank Sinatra's vintage microphone at Capitol Studios… developing a collection of solo piano work… a volume of Spa/meditative compositions…and dozens of holiday vocal and instrumental recordings.  Gotta' say, it's been a blast.

The Smooth Jazz genre has become a welcomed home for my musical passions. I am excited to say the result has been multiple visits to the top of the charts and millions of streams and downloads. This has led to awesome musical alliances and humbling accolades. Imagine the thrill of having Grammy-winning producer Don Was tell me that my music was on par with the best of the Smooth Jazz genre. That was a ‘wow’ moment!

What makes me feel most fulfilled is engaging in the creative process and sharing it with appreciative audiences and fans like you! A song can begin anytime, anywhere. When you love something as much as I love making music, it's with you 24/7. The icing on the cake is recording and then performing my songs in the studio or 'live'.

As a kid, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Uplifting people with music has always been at the top of that list. For as long as I can remember, my hands have hovered over and felt the beauty and  magic rise up from piano keys, daydreaming about what's possible. The sound those keys created along with words intrigued and inspired me and I knew at an early age I was meant to play, sing and write!

As I began listening to different kinds of music, I  witnessed how melody, harmony and rhythm can hypnotize a listener and touch hearts.

 It's a dream come true to share what I love to do, with you.

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