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Angel Eyes (High Definition audio. 24-bit, 48kHz. A richer, clearer sound than a CD.)

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At approximately 110 MB, this file format provides a higher quality sound than a CD. The resolution is 24-bit, 48kHz which gives you a clearer, richer sound and is a more authentic representation of the actual instruments. It will not play on an MP3 player. However, you can play it on your computer, burn your own CD, or use it on a stick or thumb drive for your audio system. Enjoy!



Try to think that love's not around
Still, it's uncomfortably near
My old heart ain't gaining any ground
Because my Angel Eyes ain't here
Angel Eyes, that old devil's scent
They grow unbearably bright
Need I say that my love's misspent
Misspent with angel eyes tonight?

So, drink up all of you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The drink and the laugh's on me

Pardon me, but I gotta run
The fact's uncommonly clear
I gotta find who's now the number one
And why my Angel Eyes ain't here
'Scuse me, while I disappear