#1 Billboard artist Lisa Addeo is a pianist/vocalist/composer. Her Smooth Jazz album 'Listen To This' gained global attention but musically, she knows no boundaries. 

She has been named one of Billboard's Top 10 Smooth Jazz Artists and her #1 hit 'Listen To This' was one of the most played songs in the genre. Not only did it reach #1 in Billboard, it also reached #1 in Mediabase and #1 in The Smooth Jazz Network for 5 weeks in a row. Her single, 'What Cha' Know About That' was one of the Top 5 songs of the year in Smooth Jazz Network which led to Lisa becoming one of the most played artists of the year and being nominated for Breakout Artist of 2020. Her momentum continued as her next single 'High Heels' went on to become one of the most played songs of 2021. 

Grammy-winning producer Don Was, president of Blue Note records says “Lisa did a great job on her [Listen To This] album. My compliments." Veteran saxophonist Dave Koz praises her varied musical repetoire and regularly plays Lisa's music on his Sirius XM show, 'The Dave Koz Lounge'. 

Whether delivering a colorful mosaic of cool Smooth Jazz grooves, playing solo piano or honoring the Great American Songbook with her vocal interpretations accompanied by her arrangements, Lisa's music spans multiple genres and moods.   

Lisa has released albums with appeal to fans of all types of music. In her vast catalog, you will find two albums of standards each featuring Lisa’s piano and vocals, one album recorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, using the same room and vocal mic as Frank Sinatra, who remains an inspiration to her today.  

She has released 3 volumes of holiday songs which have become treasured keepsakes in thousands of homes in the US and Europe. 

Lisa is an avid golfer and qualified boat captain. Her island life includes stints as a lifeguard and swim coach and you can often find her jet skiing on the open sea. Lisa loves connecting with other positive people, all of which impacts her creative approach to her songwriting. 

“I adore playing ‘live’. As my music fills the air, the audiences fill my heart”, says Lisa. 

“I've been playing piano since I was a wee tiny kid and I get a thrill uplifting audiences with what I love to do. We give what we need, and I come alive knowing people smile, groove, dance and love to my music.” 

Lisa’s music can be found on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart Radio, YouTube and all major digital retailers and streaming services.   

Deep Blue C is from my upcoming album 'Playin' Out Loud'. 

Some of my favorite gigs have been with trumpet - I've always loved the cool sound of the harmon mute and listening to Miles, so when Ryan Montano showed up to play, it was perfect-o!  I love the way the overtones of the piano blend with the timbre of the horn.  It's a sound that makes me smile for days on end... 

Deep Blue C is produced by Adam Hawley and he also plays guitar on it. Adam and I had a blast collaborating and we are on the same musical page: let's make the best music we can! 

Sax legend Dave Mann did a sizzling horn arrangement that makes the tide rise! Here's a  piece of Dave Mann trivia: When Euge Groove left Tower Of Power, Dave took his place! 

Thanks to Covid, tracks were laid down in LA, Orlando, Albuquerque and Phoenix! That's how we roll these days... 

I love being out on the ocean. There is nothing like navigating the waters out in the middle of nowhere. I often take my jet ski out and turn it off and just float...watching what swims around down below, in the quiet of the crystal blue waters. So you see, Deep Blue C is home to me.