In conversation with Lisa Q&A

In conversation with Lisa Q&A

Perfect Timing

Lisa Addeo

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Perfect Timing

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Timing Is Everything...from life to love, to music itself. If you believe you have 'Perfect Timing', you will! Thank you for the support and love. It's so cool to connect with you through music! ❤️☀️🌺🙏🏻🎹✨ THANK YOU SMOOTH JAZZ RADIO EVERYWHERE! LUV LUV THAT YOU ARE DIGGING THE GROOVE!!

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Listen to my holiday music. Click on the picture below.

I hope you like the new look of my website.  This summer, I spent 6 days on a farm in the Berkshire Mountains. It was magical. During the day, gentle colorful flowers danced on the music of the breezes.  By night, howling coyotes and a cascade of stars called out. Talk about being inspired!

Those sights and sounds called me to create a bunch of new songs and a website of vibrant and passionate colors to reflect how I feel about life! and how precious it is and how blessed we all are to have each other. Ok, it was a gooey moment, but a real one. Afterwards, I returned to Miami Beach in time to watch the Sturgeon Super Moon rise up over the ocean. 

Does it get any better? 

I'm always enthralled with nature and her dance on our earth. Now...if there was a grand piano on the beach during the moonrise.., that would have been pretty cool. Maybe next full moon. :)

I am so grateful to you for sharing my journey with me as we traverse together and sing, dance and love. I hope our paths cross sooner than later!

Stay well and keep the groove goin'....

Lisa did a great job on her [Listen To This] album. My compliments.”

— Don Was, President, Blue Note Records