High Heels (LA version) Feat. Jeff Ryan

Lisa Addeo

Available for download now, "High Heels" (LA version) is an uptempo Smooth Jazz instrumental by pianist Lisa Addeo featuring saxophonist Jeff Ryan. Upon release it was one of the Most Added titles on Smooth Jazz radio stations across the US. Download this new version now!

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 #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz artist Lisa Addeo is a pianist/vocalist/composer whose music is currently heard all over the world.  She delivers a colorful mosaic of cool Smooth Jazz grooves on her new album, ‘Listen To This’.    

Don Was, president of Blue Note records says, “Lisa did a great job on her new album. It fits in really well with the most successful albums in the Smooth Jazz field. My compliments."   

Produced by chart topping Smooth Jazz guitarist Nils, the album also includes exciting contributions by Jeff Ryan, Steve Cole, Johnny Britt. and Adam Hawley.

In addition to Sirius XM, all of Lisa’s music can be found here and on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart Radio, YouTube and all major digital retailers.    

Lisa is an avid golfer and a qualified boat captain. She taught swimming and was a lifeguard as part of her early island life. She broke attendance records as Liberace's protégé playing piano alongside him at Radio City Music Hall.

From intimate supper clubs to Radio City Music Hall and every type of venue across the US and Europe, Lisa’s music touches audiences of all sizes. “I adore playing ‘live’ and miss my audiences! I can't wait to get back out there as soon as it's safe for everyone. As my music fills the room, the audiences fill my heart. I miss that, want that, gotta; have that...!.”  

Whether you are seeking Smooth Jazz music, music from the Great American Songbook, piano instrumentals or ethereal meditative music, Lisa offers over 100 songs, something for every mood. 

Only 10 minutes in, Lisa raised the bar on interviews as she sat at her grand piano playing us bits and pieces of her new album, 'Listen To This'. I knew right then this would be one of the best interviews on TSJ ever. ” - Jochen Schneipp (while listening from Germany)

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