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French Poodle (High Definition audio. 24-bit, 48kHz. A richer, clearer sound than a CD.)

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At approximately 48 MB, this file format provides a higher quality sound than a CD. The resolution is 24-bit, 48kHz which gives you a clearer, richer sound and is a more authentic representation of the actual instruments. It will not play on an MP3 player. However, you can play it on your computer, burn your own CD, or use it on a stick or thumb drive for your audio system. Enjoy!



It was because of my French Poodle
He knew I was his style
He took a look at my French Poodle
and then he started to smile
We began to talk and after a while
he introduced himself.
He said, “I’m so happy meeting you child cause I’m a dog lover myself”
He took a-hold of my French Poodle, the pavement started to rock
He held the lease of my French Poodle and by the end of the block
We walked arm in arm, cupid worked his charm, my dreams were coming true
Yeah we fell in love,
And now I get the Big Dog too!